Semi-finished products

Products as you wish, can be found in the semi-finished category.

Beech semi-finished products are custom-cut items, to be produces on demand. Thickness follows the lumber production. Widths and lengths follow the customer’s requirements. This product is obtained by dimensioning the lumber to the ordered sizes.

Salient properties

Bechwood is medium to heavyweight. It is very hard and tough. It has good strength properties and high abrasion resistance. Beech can shrink considerably an dis subject to movement more than other woods. It should not be subject to moisture fluctuations before or during working.

Characteristics and usage 

Beech is available as round or sawn timber as well as veneer. Despite its hardness, Beechwood ca be worked easily. It can be cut, planed, drilled and milled. When steam-treated it is well-suited, like the ash, to bending into form. Surface finishing is straightforward. It can be stained, painted and polished.


It has a medium Wood Density 0.73 g/cm3